Alison Mcrobbie of Club On Y va and the parent/guardian of the child attending the club

1. All fees in relation to the full term should be paid prior to the start of term (not applicable to PAYG clubs)  after which we reserve the right to charge £1.00 per week extra for non-payment and if there is persistent delay, may require the pupil’s removal from the class plus a late payment administration charge of £12 for each late payment reminder we have to send you.

2. All fees are subject to revision from time to time, reasonable notice being given in respect of any such revision.

3. All fees must be made payable to the teacher. If you wish to pay by cash, please make sure the money is in a sealed envelope with the name of your child and his/her group. The sealed envelope should then be given to the teacher or the school reception.

4. The teacher may propose that parents / schools purchase certain named work books or text books that are currently being used to support the service of tuition.

5. No remission of fees will be given for absence, except when due to long illness – over four continuous weeks – and supported by a doctor’s note, or at teacher’s discretion.

6. Should you decide to withdraw your child from classes, the teacher requires a half term’s written notice which has been paid for. Please note, the notice period starts from the day that I am informed in writing or via email. 

7. The teacher reserves the right to require the removal of your child if he/she has not maintained satisfactory standards of conduct or whose presence in the class is held to be disruptive and undesirable and the teacher will notify you should this problem arise. Removal of your child will only take place as a last resort after all other avenues of help & support have been given. If this happens an administration fee will occur.

8.During bad weather you are advised to contact the teacher before setting out to check whether the classes are running.

9.The teacher is only responsible for children within the classroom during scheduled class hours, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is collected on time.

10.Should your child suffer from a medical condition requiring special care please inform the teacher in writing at the enrolment stage.

11. From time to time the teacher may introduce French food into the classes to demonstrate a French breakfast, for example. Please state on the booking form online whether your child suffers from any food or drink allergies, e.g. nuts, milk, etc., giving full details.

12. The teacher may wish to take group photos and / or have media coverage  when holding special events, giving certificates or to promote the services or products of Club On y va. This may be in the form of photos, promotional video clips or other media forms. These photos could be in the press or on the facebook page or the internet such as on our website, www.clubonyva.com or other promotional websites such as you tube.  Children will not be named in these photos. We require your permission before your child’s photo may be taken. Please indicate if you do  not agree to this.

13.The teacher operates a signing out register which you are required to sign after each class when collecting your child to ensure that correct safeguarding measures are operated. Please ensure you sign for your child when you collect them.

14. French sessions or clubs can be postponed or cancelled pending a sufficient attendance, at the teachers discretion.

15. If we receive any communications from parents that we consider to be rude, offensive or inappropriate, your child's place will be terminated, you will not receive a refund, and your email address will be placed on our blocked senders list. This means we will not receive your emails, they will be returned to you.