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My name is Alison and I am the founder and a teacher of Club On y va. We call this a club as once children and parents find us they stay with us, term after term. 

After spending over ten years, living and working in France, I have studied a degree (Ba hons) and various other qualifications such as an MA in Education. I am a teacher of Applied linguistics and this along with languages is more specialism.  I now teach with Club On y va, French and English, in schools, playgroups and centres locally. I am also a teacher of TEFL and a specialist teacher of languages. I am the author and creator of the Baguette the bilingual bear MFL teaching scheme, written especially to introduce children from a young age to language learning.

Club On y va is a service that we provide to schools and parents to help children learn, improve and develop their language learning in either French, English or Spanish. Often this will be in the form of an after - school or lunch time club or as a school lesson within the timetable. 

I have studied applied linguistics and bilingual and language development within children and therefore know of the huge benefits that the services Club On y va offers, not just on a child's education but also on their cognitive development, self esteem and confidence. This is even more important now that all children in the UK have to learn a foreign language in Primary school, but this is generally only one 30-45 minute session in a large class of about 30 pupils, often with a Primary school teacher who has had little or no experience of the language itself or how to teach languages  Therefore attending a regular language learning club with Club On y va will ultimately help your child obtain the knowledge they need to fulfil their ultimate language learning as our class sizes are a maximum of 8 -14 children. Club On y va can also teach curriculum French in Primary schools.

 If you want your child to speak languages correctly, learning, whilst having lots of fun in a structured program that will help them excel in their  language learning, then you have come to the right place


Studies now prove that the earlier a child is introduced to a modern language, the earlier the development of  their creative and general language learning can begin, as well as improving a child's confidence, memory, social and cognitive development communication and general language learning. Myself, I have over ten years experience of the French language and the French culture and am a mum myself of two children. 

 What our classes offer:

  • A unique, carefully structured and proven language course for children which fully supports the schools curriculum.
  • Conversation, basic grammar, games, role-plays, rhymes and stories, all helping to make learning more fun.
  • An awareness of the country, its geography and culture.
  • Small classes so your child can get plenty of individual attention.
  • Guidance for parents to encourage and help your child at home.
  • Carefully selected and trained tutors so that your child starts learning from the very first day by imitating a good  accent.
  • Certificates awarded on completion of each programme.
  • An experience that will help your child at Secondary school, giving him/her confidence and good grounding for future learning.
  • A fun, happy and encouraging environment to help your children  learn and develop their language learning.
  • A record for parents on your child’s progress throughout the years with continuous check-lists and reports.
  • Our sessions for babies also include sensory play and movement also.


All activities are carefully planned, educational: games, songs, reading, writing, art, drama, activity worksheets and lots and lots of spoken French are just some of the amazing activities we do, to encourage and develop your child's language learning. Our classes are run in term time and the weekend and in the holidays, so there really is lots of opportunity to find a class to help your little one learn more. Children can attend as many classes as they like and we know from research that out fun, yet structured approach encourages children to learn more. We have even developed a Passport for learning option, to enable this in a cost effective way, so children really can learn more for less!

 I hold an enhanced DBS check and hold full insurance's as well as Paediatric first aid as is anyone that works for Club 'On Y va.'


Please fill in a booking form should you wish to book your child a place in Club 'On y Va' club term time only class or email me on [email protected] should you require more information.


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